Day’s ending.




Standing on the shore of a loch in Scotland before the ‘midges season’ begins, is to me one of life’s rare moments of complete calm and tranquility. It doesn’t have to be Scotland either, it can be just across the road from my home on the beach, watching the sun go down and change from a blazing blinding golden, to strips of vibrant colours that merge and spread across the sky, reflecting on the sea and in the windows of the houses opposite. The day, throwing it’s last rays out across the land before dropping into the sea a huge ball of fire.

At that moment, when it goes down and meets with the sea, or disappears behind the roof-tops with dramatic finality, I am sure, that as we are left in the cool, watching the shadows  rapidly chasing away the day and replacing it with the brooding velvet darkness of the night, there is a sadness….just for a moment, as earth grieves the passing of the sun in all its splendour, and before it welcomes the night in its glory and mystery.

Endings are something that most of us do not find easy to face. The end of any relationship is certainly a difficult or even devastating experience and often we are taken back in our mind to remember how it was before, in the ‘sunny days’  before the illness, or the row or the leaving…….the ending.

We have to let go again and again on this journey, and grieve for our loss. Then we are enabled  to move on and see what is ahead for us to experience and enjoy. We do not know that until we get there and get there we will, even the darkest night ends with a sunrise somewhere, doesn’t it?! Day's Ending.



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