Butterfly Reborn

Butterfly Reborn

Emerging gradually and with struggle from a dark and silent chrysalis

She discovered colours.

Reds and purples violent greens and vibrant aquamarines.

Textures also came into her world

Deep soft velvets and sensual floating silks.

Opening her wings, carefully, shyly

And with much heart searching and apology

She dared to present her femininity.


Little by little and wondering,

She pushed the doors that so far had been closed to her

Shutting out the world of otherness.

She began to discover the treasure within.

Delicate silver chains adorned her neck

Rings sparkled upon her fingers.

And earrings caught the light as they danced in harmony

With the movements of her head.


Perfume, sensual and intoxicating drifted behind her

Trailing her fragrant identity

And rainbows spilling colours over the white nails of toes

Splashed into hair and glistened on lips.


Kicking from her feet the heavy brogues of doctrine

She learned to dance barefoot with young angels

On the dew drenched cathedral lawns

Ignoring notices that told her she should not.

But e’en as she danced she knew that other rules,

Other ancient laws that someone long ago had written over her,

Would ensnare her feet and bring her to the dust.


The troubadour came unexpectedly.

Softly treading barefoot into her life singing His love songs.

And she adored him.

She gave herself readily to his sweet caresses

Her whole being moving in rhythm with him.

The words he wrote upon her heart were different,

Offering freedom beyond anything she had known thus far

Calling her to a life of colour and music, passion and desire.

She was intoxicated!


But even as she stretched her wings to fly

The net ensnared her

Grabbing her fiercely from the heights to which she had soared

And spiralled her down down, down.

Down from the silver morning where the air was light and vibrant

Down to the dusty stale coldness of the ancient places

Crashing violently on tablets of stone

Where rules were written in dead man’s blood.


She lay there, broken.

For many days she could not lift her head.

This was a cold and silent tomb

The only words were the ancient laws

The only companions the shalt not voices of the past.

Her butterfly wings were broken and her heart was crushed.

Her eyes wept bitter tears that went uncomforted

She was surely dead.


Then on the third day, as dawn called to the morning to paint the skies

A ray of sunlight found its way through a faded stained glass window

And gently, tenderly, with all the compassion of the Earth Maker

It caressed her there, melting away the coldness of her heart

And healing her brokenness.


She lifted her head, and looking she found herself dazzled

In the love that poured upon her

Trying her wings she found that she could fly…

Away from the restrictions that had threatened to ruin her

Away from the laws and rules of others to whom she did not belong.

She shook herself free from the heavy dust of doctrine

That for a while had smothered her

And fixing her gaze upon the sun she began to fly

Up, up she rose….

Into the clear air, into the singing place where love songs were written

And romance was born.


And as she gained strength she began to change

Her eyes became bright and clear with anticipation

And her heart began to sing a song of love that was her own.

And all the colours of the rainbow cascaded upon her

She was transformed, she was reborn.



Far away, but getting closer with every heart beat

She heard her beloved singing.

His song danced down the mountains and cascaded across the waterfalls

It drew her to him.

She held her breath hardly daring to believe that this could be her story.

Then she saw him.

Leaving the shadows he came to her

Etched in the gold of the sun

And taking her in his arms he held her safe.

Softly he sang to her, and softly her voice echoed his song

Voices falling and rising until they sang together in perfect harmony

The butterfly was reborn.


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