‘Shadows’ (“Love one another as I have loved you” J.C.)

Today the shadows came and fell again across my sun and blotted out

The happiness and warmth robbing my heart of joy.

Today the tears blurred my eyes again and words of life

Brought not hope for me, but emptiness and anguish.

Today I felt alone again and you my Lord were far away,

A dusty stained glass window in an empty church.

I could not feel the warmth that once embraced me

And cold faith felt cruel and hard against my aching breast.

I knelt and wept, fear filled and peace eluded, no hope in my despair.

But then I turned, and through the blur and mist of tears

I saw familiar shadows, beyond my pain and reaching out, I stumbled on

To cross the great abyss of sorrow that had isolated me.

I found that hands were reaching mine, infolding this trembling soul

With love and tenderness and words that spoke of hope and life fell on me,

Gently as sweet rain on desert land.

I held those hands and as I did I found my strength renewed.

I could go on and face another day.

Today I found my God again in hands that held

And words so softly spoken.

I saw Him in your eyes as you looked at me with compassion

I heard Him speak to me as you spoke tenderly, words of life

Lifting me up again.

Then sunlight streamed into that empty church

Transforming stained glass with light and beauty,

Dispelling shadows as they fled before its brightness

And touching me with warmth and light.

Today I found that God was not far away, a distant ethereal being

Lost in words and ancient manuscripts

Nor even in my own desperate pilgrimage for truth.

I found Him in your love so freely expressed to me

And in your care so freely given.

Today I found my God again,

Because you reached out and touched my life with yours.



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