Written for Worthing Churches Homeless Project and displayed on Worthing Pier 2013


The unspoken issue…….

Silent in the shadows

Unknown and unheard

Covered in shame.

I’m the guy, the strength.

The one who protects and cares for her….

The woman, the vulnerable

The one who needs and wants and responds

That’s how it’s meant to be.

In the sunlight of our days it was so.

She my love, became my wife

Shared hopes, plans, dreams

Bought a house and built a home together

Shared a future in our hearts.

But then the shadows,

Lurking always there

If I had dared to see them…….

Blotted out the sun and snatched away those dreams.

Anger crashed into our world

Manipulative and violent

Tearing at the tender bonds of attachment

Breaking down the carefully constructed framework of respect

Battering the walls of security that made our home safe

And demolishing the love and the life we had………..

Crumbling to dust, past, present and future in one crazy moment………

When I,

the guy

who loved

and cared

and tried,

Lost my way and became a victim ………..

As I tried to defend myself against the violence

That threatened to destroy me.

Now, this man, who cared and hoped and loved…….

Homeless, jobless, a police record to his name

Found guilty and sentenced

Sits with injustice as his daily companion

Vulnerable, he waits in the queue for his life to change,

Plans for the day when he can build again……..

A world that is his

A world that is safe

A world that has purpose

A world that makes sense of the pain and injustice of now…………


And hopes for a new world tomorrow.


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