To Mummy on Behalf of Prince Harry. Sept.2012


Will you stop getting at me….will you get out of my space

Just let me be the boy I am without shoving the other stuff in my face.

You know I’ll never be a king, so just get off my case.


I’ve done a lot of good things just like Wills and Dad

I’ve taken lads up mountains when they were feeling really bad

I’ve looked into the eyes of kids whose lives are always sad


I’ve visited the hospitals though I don’t like being there

And all I ever want is for them to know how much I care

But all they do is point the lens of their camera’s ugly glare.


I want to be a man one day and serve my country right

But just now I want to be a boy who can play about at night

So just don’t hound me to my death in your evil media light.


You loved me very much that day when my world was smashed and dead

You cried your tears for me that day when you saw my little head

Bowed beside my brother as I walked with feet like lead

Behind the coffin of my life-light.

To Mummy” the card just said.



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