The Nowhere Road.

The Nowhere Road.
Inspired and based on: ‘The Message’ version of Psalm 119 vs 1-8 & 25-32

Knowing what I know why would I ever
Walk the nowhere road?
And knowing who I know
Why would I leave His side
Where He walks with me, on the road to somewhere.

But there are days when I choose ways that I don’t understand
And there are times when I get lost and let go of His hand.
And when I look and all I see
Is the broken, hopeless part of me
And bound with fear
And never free
I’m on the road to nowhere,

And only yesterday it seems,
I was singing in the sunlight.
And such a different time ago
My dreams and hopes and all I know were on the road to somewhere!

But the way got rough and I could not see
That what He did was best for me
So I grasped at things not good for me,
And let go of His hand.
Now I’m stumbling about to fall,
Overwhelmed by giants
Feeling small………
And lost on the road to nowhere.

I hate myself for turning away
And following signposts
That led me astray,
Listening to voices
That had nothing to say
About staying on the road
To somewhere.

Then I heard a voice deep down inside
And He spoke to my soul,
Shone His light on my pride
Said ‘My child I know the ‘you’ you hide
And I love you’.

Knowing who I know and hearing His voice
What could I do but make a choice?
So I put my hand into His again,
Felt the scars and remembered the pain,
And the price that He paid
For me to be free…… to choose the road to somewhere.


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