A Reflection of Peter (Following the Last Supper.)

How could He say that….that I would deny knowing Him?
Surely He knows that is not true….He must know that I would do anything for Him, I’ve made it clear enough haven’t I?
I mean, look at me!….I’ve completely changed from the man I was, given up the life I had to follow this guy all over the place. I have a wife back home in Galilee and now-a-days I hardly think of her…..I can’t think of that part of my life, not when I’m with Jesus, it’s so different from anything else I have ever known…..And He is so different from anyone I have ever known!

Here I am a rough fisherman from Galilee, out in the sticks you may say. I have my own fishing business and take on casuals like James and John when there isn’t enough work for all of us. We make a good team and I always enjoyed my life. It was simple…you know? Just me and the boys and the open lake, then home to the wife at the end of the day and maybe an occasional happening like a wedding or Bar Mitzvah every so often. Yeah, life was simple then.

That day, y’ know, when Jesus came by and told us we could catch men instead of fish?….Well, I just thought He was a joke, I couldn’t have imagined that these three years later I would have become such a faithful disciple. It’s not just His teachings, though every word He says is dynamic,…. life-changing, but it’s more than that…….it’s Him…..yes, He has changed my life forever.
Now He’s saying I am going to deny Him! I can’t understand why He would say that…..He’s never been wrong before, but maybe even He can’t get it right every time! And this is a bad time. We’re all running scared from the people Jesus has offended with His teachings, people who could make life difficult for us………
And that Judas Iscariot is trouble too, Jesus said something about him betraying Him….but he’s disappeared now so maybe he realised Jesus was on to him and thought better of it. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him again. Good riddance that’s what I say.

Anyway, I better catch up with the others and see what happens, I’ll show Jesus that he’s underestimated me and by tomorrow He will know that I’m right!

Chrystabell June 2013 ©


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