Reflections of Pilate’s Wife.

[Suggestion for performance-A ‘Lady-Macbeth’ character]

Oh how I hate this place……we are surrounded by plots and corruption.
Humid and stinking, every day a trial to get through with no respite from the sultry heat and clumping of the soldiers boots or the clatter of horses hooves on the paths below the palace.
And night times, long and airless with demons screaming through my dreams and waking me in the darkness trembling and sick with apprehension of unknown terrors.
I cannot bear it, I have told my husband that we must get away from here but he does not hear my desperation. He is Pilate after all…..he has an important position and he does not want to look at the needs of his crazy wife.

But he must listen now…..He must hear what I have just told him because the dream of last night became a reality of today when that man, the Galilean was brought here and my husband is being asked to pronounce sentence on Him.
I told him….’Have nothing to do with this man’…..I saw His death in the darkness and I can see His blood on our hands……I pleaded with my husband, pleaded on bended knee, pulling at his robe so that he did not walk away from me,….sobbing at his feet like I have never done before.
‘Take me away from this awful hell-hole’ I said to him, ‘Let us go back to the sunny slopes, to the vineyards and the sweet sea breezes. Let us go away from this place of occupation and cruel death. Please my husband, if you love me at all, take us away from here……and from that innocent man who must not die at your hands.’

Chrystabell 2013 ©
Published in ‘A Passion for Shoreham’


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