Remembering Auntie Mabel.

Auntie Mabel’s Island”

We run a ‘Otel on the Island”

My Aunt Mabel used to say,

As I tried to stand tall in my sandals

Like an heiress in a play.

And I tried so hard to please her

To show her that I was okay.

But the sound of the sea

And the wind in the trees

Were calling this child to play.

The rope swing on the lower lawn

The cliff path down to the rocks,

Pulled her away from the dining room

The new dress and clean ankle socks.

Calling, calling calling

As the seagulls called to the sea

And the child ran with the wind in her hair,

Longing to be free.

You’re late” said Auntie Mabel

Far too late for tea”

And you’ve been on those rocks

And dirtied your socks

You are a let down to me!

Go to your room your naughty girl

Get out of my way wretched child

And don’t come back young lady,

Till you are no longer wild.

So she went to her room and cried and sobbed

Till she thought she would surely die

But she didn’t……..

Instead she went to sleep

And dreamed of a cloudless sky

And golden sands where she ran and played

And nobody questioned why.

An island where children were welcome,

Where she was free again.

And when she awoke

Dried tears on her face

Were all that were left of her pain.

So she washed them away

And dressed herself up

In the new dress and white ankle socks.

And tried to forget about rope swings,

Paddling and climbing the rocks.

And Auntie Mabel saw a young lady

Who pleased her and made her smile

But inside her the child was just waiting

To fly off to her magical Isle.


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