In response to the Lady in Purple.

What is there left to do when I am old?

I’ve already worn purple, red and gold

I don’t have a stick to run on the railings

Nor wish to spit and cause others ailings

So what is there left I ask,

What can I do?

I want to be me and let you to be you.

I just do not want to be one of the crowd

An old lady in purple doing what’s not allowed

No, I want to be a character rare

I needn’t be poor…… nor a millionaire

I just want to be different,

Not what you’d expect…..

I’d like to gain another’s respect……

I just want to be who I am.

I don’t want to be you and you could never be me

Because all that I am is not all that you see!

And some times I love

The way that is me…..

But other times…… I don’t!

And there are days when I long to be free

And more like somebody else that I see,

Not wearing purple or red or gold

Not looking dreary and feeling old

Not wondering what the future will hold……….

But living life for today.

So I put on my purple, blue and red

And I get out there with one thought in my head,

To live each day that I have till I’m dead

And take every challenge that meets me.

And if I can say a kindly word

Or listen to one who needs to be heard

And understand what seems absurd,

I can face each day that greets me!

So…lady in purple go, eat your hat

Whether old or young skinny or fat,

Remember what really matters is that…………

You are you……..So be as God made you!


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