A Grief in Winter.

[In the rhythm of Hiawatha]

When the days were dark with Winter

When the trees were bare and barren

In the dying of the sunlight

In the fading of the morning

At the time when hearts were aching

Feeling loss for those not with us

Reaching out for loved-ones missing

Hurting at the empty spaces

Grieving in the happy places

Feeling lost, bereft of comfort

Weeping tears that did not help us………

At this time of our bereavement

Without ending just enduring

There was here no sight of Springtime

No shoot through dark earth breaking

No light in skies of glorious dawning

Only darkness without starlight

Only hopelessness and sorrow.

In the place where faith is hidden

In the sacred and the mystery

There the light that barely flickers,

There the trembling hand stretched outward.

In the soul where all that matters,

Dares a spark of understanding

Lights a fire of hope and meaning

Finds a love that knows no answer

Holds on till the light of Springtime

Waits to know the joy of morning.

Chrystabell ©

December 2014.


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