‘That Day’

Writers note: The words that are printed in bold are taken from Sussex poet the late Ted Walker. The piece was written for a competition for the 2015 Shoreham ‘Wordfest’ where a phrase from any of his poems was to be incorporated into a piece of writing.

 That Day.

On that day,

That egg-shell-blue-sky day,

That ordinary middle-of-the-week day….

In the early morning, nobody knew

As nobody ever does know…….

What would be at its end.

As children, heedless of their Mother’s calls

Argued from the other side of bathroom doors

Mouths frothing too much paste,

And young execs shoved down a piece of toast

Whilst checking on their lap-tops

That speech for later……

None would have thought

It would have ended as it did.

And we, who in another place

Far away from homeland shores,

Held hands and floated in a misty honeymoon ecstasy

Into that day, where only love was possible

And troubles non-existent,

Would not have even considered…..

That such a dark Golgotha

Was about to be unleashed.

On that day,

That July day

That at it’s dawning,

When challis lip in flood of sunrise

Dips the moon in blood,

We would not have known

That later, when all the hours had gone

That called it that day,

The moon would cast upon those London streets

An anguished blood-stained shroud.

Chrystabell July 7th 2015 ©


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