‘Mrs Nosey Parker’

‘Nosey-Parker’ was the given theme for my writers group this month and I found my thoughts turning to a certain inclination of myself and women in my age group!

Mrs. Nosey-Parker.

Mrs Nosey-Parker sets out in to the day

To stick her nose in everything

And make sure she has her say.

She listens to conversations

And if they have a theme

That Mrs Nosey knows about

She has to intervene!

The mothers in the bus Queue

Having their morning chatter

Do not know the woman behind them

But hey, that does not matter!

As they discuss their babies

(Absolutely no business of hers)

She twitches for opportunity

To stick her nose in theirs!

She has wisdom on every subject

From child-birth to death

And once she’s started holding forth

She does not stop for breath.

She talks as if she’s an expert

Her knowledge quite profound

And if anyone tries to argue the case

She will always stand her ground.

From gardening to child-care

From bunions to cancer

She knows the score on everything

And always has the answer.

If anything is private

Or not for Nosey’s ears,

She feels quite frustrated

Because she always fears

That if it’s not her they are asking

How on earth will they sort it out,

For only she can tell them

What life is all about!

Chrystabell July 2015 ©


2 thoughts on “‘Mrs Nosey Parker’

  1. Ha Ha! Don’t we all know a Mrs.Nosey-Parker, and, oh dear, maybe we all play the part of Nosey-Parker at some time in our lives! Good insight to help us all to double check ourselves.


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