WELL. (Word given for writing group exercise!)


Well, if I was to write about the word that is well

I guess there would be loads of ways I could tell

The meaning of the word that we spell with a

W an E and a double L.

I could say ‘Well well what have we here?

And sound like a policeman who knows no fear

And steps into places where I would not go

And asks questions with answers

That I would not know.

Well, it weren’t me what did it so get of me case’

Says the boy that he caught with guilt on his face

Well I know that’s my ring’ I’ve had it for years’

Says the posh to the policeman

As she mops up her tears.

Well, well well say the crowd as they stand and stare,

We might have known it would be that boy there

He’s always in trouble as we can tell

Best tie him up and lower him

Down the village well!!!

Anon…..(Well…..it may be by Chrystabell but she jolly well won’t own up to it!!)

(Written in 10 minutes before ‘Myrtle Writers!’) JULY 28TH 2015


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