A Disciple’s view of the Ascension.


He’s gone and I feel confused and afraid all over again……I just cannot understand what is happening!

Just as we got used to the amazing fact that He really had risen from the dead and was walking with us and speaking to us and breaking bread with us.

Just as we had begun to think that this was the way life was going to be now, He has been taken from us again!

It was just another day of seeing Jesus and when He took us up the mountain we were excited, hopeful, wondering what would happen now.

It kind of feels like that all the time when you are meeting with someone who has risen from the dead, you know that anything is possible!

But we did not expect what happened next!

Jesus was eating a meal with us like He had done in those days since His appearing to us and talking to us. We were all listening intently, holding onto His every word because we knew that He was teaching us very important things that we needed to know.

Then He told us we must stay in Jerusalem so that we would ‘be baptised in the Holy Spirit’ and we knew this was big so we asked if this was the time when He would restore the Kingdom to Israel. This was something that we longed for and we all thought that He had come back to do this for Israel. After all anyone would listen to Him now having returned from the death that they had inflicted on Him. The cruel death they had watched Him die.

Surely He had come back for this?

So, we listened and we talked and then we went out onto the Mount of Olives. Jesus looked at us all, standing there in the clear mountain air and He said ‘You will receive power from on high when the Holy Spirit comes upon you’ Then the skies suddenly took on an unnatural brightness and the air swirled around us as Jesus suddenly left the earth and was taken up into the clouds.

We were straining our eyes against the sun and trying to see into the cloud that seemed to come down and engulf Him. Then two angels, men all in white and shining in the light were there standing beside us and asking us why we were gazing into the sky and telling us that Jesus had gone into Heaven and that He would come back in the same way as He had gone.

So we are here in Jerusalem and waiting as He told us to.

We are praying and encouraging one another but I think we all feel a strange sense of loss because we are on our own again…and this time we do not know what will happen next…..or if we will ever see our beloved Jesus again.


One thought on “A Disciple’s view of the Ascension.

  1. Hi Chrystabell, Although this came through on e-mail, when I click on to ‘An Angel’s Story’ on your blog,all I get is advertisements. Ah technology! love Caroline x


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